Imagine. Explore. Create. Play.

With an open-plan set up consisting of multiple different mini play themes your child will love exploring Little Creatures!

Fire Station!

Little Creatures Fire Department!

Dress up as little firepeople and have fun playing in the Little Creatures Fire Station!!

Home Corner!

Time for Dinner!

Cook up a feast in the Little Creatures kitchen, and feed all your friends!  But make sure you clean up afterwards…!

Little Library...

Story Time!

Curl up on the comfy cushions in our toddler’s library and enjoy reading one of our story books!

Soft Play Zone

Crawl, Tunnel, Jump!

Have fun playing with our soft play blocks – create your own soft block construction and then try really hard not to knock it down!

Dress Ups!

Hello Princesses and Supermen!

Let young imaginations flow at the Little Creatures Dress Up Studio – with dress ups for everyone, fun and magical adventures await!

Builder's Workshop

Who loves to fix things!

Calling all builders and little handy people!  It’s time to build and create in our Builder’s Workshop!

Grocery Store!

Time to go Shopping!

Our little people love to go shopping at their favourite local Little Creatures Grocery Store!  Grab a trolly and starting shopping!

The Play Room

Animals, Dinos, Trucks & More

Be a farmer to little farm animals, zoom some cars and trucks, or see who is the fiercest dinosaur – so much fun in our play room!