Play Centre Prices

All our admissions include access all areas and unlimited play – Monday to Friday.


Standard Admission – $10
6m – 1yr Admission – $5
Baby under 6 months – Free


For our regular customers we also have a 10 x Multi Pass for sale in store which gives you 1 Free Admission – please ask one of our friendly staff for more details.

We are also a featured partner in Small Ideas, 1 x Free Admission available with membership.

Little Creatures Play Rules!

  • Everyone is welcome! 

  • Use the Magic Words, ‘please & thankyou’

  • Tidy up after yourselves

  • Share and play fair

  • Use your IMAGINATION

  • Read, Talk, & Laugh!

  • Use your indoor voices and friendly words

  • Take care of the toys for everyone

  • Be Silly & Giggle!

  • And most importantly – HAVE FUN!